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Introduction to Web Hosting

Web hosting, or website hosting is a service that allows you to have your very own website (as opposed to a sub-site domain or webpage on another website, or other alternatives). The web hosting company provides the infrastructure….

Building Your Website The Easy Way

Tweet Are you thinking of building your website? If you hesitate on the idea but deep inside would always want your own website, below are simple steps for you to follow. Building a website is much easier than you think. First, let us talk about the cost. Spending between $10-$20 a month, you can have […]

Web Hosting On Unix Servers

Tweet For anyone who wishes to engage in doing business on the Internet, the first step should always be to determine which web hosting company will host the businesses website. It can be easy to determine the lowest price, as well as finding testimonials from customers about their experience with a respective hosting provider. What […]

What Does A Nameserver Do For Me?

Tweet Every time you purchase a domain name or obtain a web hosting deal, registration requires selection of two domain nameservers. Most people, especially if new to dedicated hosting, may not have a clue concerning what a namerserver is and how it functions. What does a nameserver do and is it something important that needs […]

How to Choose a Web Host? List of Important Features

Tweet There are thousands of webhosting companies in the industry screening for business. To ensure one makes best of ones decision possible consider the points mentioned here. 1. Server Space First think to consider is the amount of space ones site will acquire on a server. Files might require just 1 and 5 […]

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