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For anyone who wishes to engage in doing business on the Internet, the first step should always be to determine which web hosting company will host the businesses website. It can be easy to determine the lowest price, as well as finding testimonials from customers about their experience with a respective hosting provider. What might not be as easy for the average person to determine is whether the need UNIX hosting or Windows hosting. Choosing web hosting on UNIX servers has advantages over Windows servers.

UNIX hosting has a reputation for being far more stable than Windows. While Windows has become more stable of late, many hosting service providers continue to use UNIX for its ongoing and long-time stability history. In addition to the stability advantage associated with web hosting on UNIX servers benefits such as free applications can also be found from some hosting companies. If you have programming knowledge, it is possible for you to further develop many open source programs that are available to web masters on UNIX servers. Your business may rely on some applications being further developed so the advantage of them being open source goes without saying.

Some knowledge of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) clients should be acquired or navigating around the interface can at times be trying if one is new the web hosting on UNIX servers. The tech support offered by your web hosting company can also assist when necessary. The main reason UNIX servers remain a stable hosting base is that the operating system consumes much fewer resources leading to faster performing sites from the loading time of the website to download speeds, unlike the Windows based OS which is quite complex to understand, setup and is also not completely secured.

Whereas updates to Windows often result in significant financial costs, developers continue to freely release updates to the Linux operating system. When these updates are available one can update their operating system free of charge and keep the performance of the website at a high level. Using Windows also requires you to place your website into a temporary offline state prior to the upgrade. Linux provides much smoother transitions. These are just some of the advantages to web hosting on UNIX servers. If you are considering taking you business to the Internet it is important to do your homework regarding hosting services in order to determine the best service provider and hosting platform for the success of your business.

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